Ana Rita Grosso

Bioinformatics in Biomedicine
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Ana Rita Grosso gathered a Biology degree (FCUL, 2002), followed by a MSc in Bioinformatics (FCUL-IGC, 2006). Her multi-omics expertise in biomedical research was accomplished by gathering a PhD in Biomedical Sciences, under supervision of Simon Tavaré (Cambridge Univ., UK) and Maria Carmo-Fonseca (IMM/FMUL). Her PhD research unveiled the existence of splicing-factors expression signatures responsible by the tissue-specific regulation of alternative splicing. After obtaining the PhD in 2010, she did a first PostDoc with Maria Carmo-Fonseca (IMM/FMUL), followed by a second PostDoc with Sergio de Almeida (IMM/FMUL). Her PostDoc research disclosed new mechanisms of splicing and transcription dynamics.

In 2018, Ana Rita Grosso moved to UCIBIO/FCT-NOVA to foster her scientific independence and consolidate her research group. Her main mission is to decipher pathological conditions using multi-omics approaches, identifying molecular events to be further used as biomarkers and therapeutic targets. Additionally, she has been teaching specialized MSc courses in Genomics and Computational Biology fields, namely: “Computational Biology in Biomedicine” for the MSc in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology from (FCUL, 2012-2015); “Bioinformatics” for the MSc in Oncobiology (FMUL, 2014-2016); “Molecular Genomics and Evolution” and “Bioinformatics in Biomedicine” for the MSc in Molecular Genetics and Biomedicine (FCT-NOVA, 2018-onwards).

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