Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality in the treatment of breast cancer

Pedro Gouveia, MD, PhD student, graduated in Medicine in 2004 at NOVA Medical School|Faculdade de Ciências Médicas (NMS|FCM), Portugal. He completed his General Surgery residency program in 2013 at Hospital de Matosinhos, after an Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Fellowship at the Paris Breast Center. He is a board certified breast surgeon by the European Society of Surgical Oncology since 2015 and is a PhD student since 2015 at Lisbon Medical School with the topic: breast cancer surgery with augmented reality.

Pedro is a dedicated breast specialist, designer and researcher at the Breast Unit of Champalimaud Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal. Pedro actively participated in European and National research projects: Picture, na FP7 EU funded consortium between 2013 and 2016; BCCT.plan consortium as the chief medical scientis, a PT2020 funded project; and recently Pedro is the principal investigator and project manager of the BCCT.Hololens, a proof-of concept trial that aims to investigate a new non-invasive method for pre-operative localization of non-palpable lesions using artificial intelligence and augmented reality with the Hololens by Microsoft®. The first successful surgery took place at the Breast Unit, Champalimaud Clinical Centre – January 23, 2020. Pedro is also the Oncoplastic Breast Consortium Coordinator for Portugal. He has authored and co-authored several papers on international journals and authored two book chapters. He has also authored several communications in medical and technological conferences. He is reviewer for The Breast Journal and World Journal of Surgery. Pedro’s research interests include breast cancer, oncoplastic breast surgery, breast reconstruction, 3D breast modeling, surgical breast simulation, augmented reality, connected care/health, big data and artificial intelligence.