Learning at each step to fulfill
common dreams in the next

The 1st Edition

The first edition of Tec2Med took place at the Nova School of Science and Technology | FCT-NOVA, in 2019. 350 participants, 4 organizers, 36 ambassadors, 15 speakers, 1 networking session and a final debate, the official birth of Tec2Med reunited students and professionals from all over the country. More than 20 universities and faculties were represented in an exciting day marked by innovation, sharing and passion.

The 2nd Edition

The second edition of Tec2Med, in 2021, was a special one– with the emergence of covid, we rose from the ashes and created a very unique event that took place in each one's house via zoom platform. Despite the situation, we could reunite with more than 350 participants, 20 organizers, 22 ambassadors, 12 speakers, and 12 formers. Everyone came together on a screen where we were able to perform challenges, debates and smart conversations about medicine and biomedical themes. Adapting to the new reality was difficult but no virus can stop us, in fact, we are the ones who can stop him.