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Your creative ideas

Challenge 2021

In colaboration with 

Are you ready to challenge the future?

In 2021’s edition, in a very special collaboration with Johnson&Johnson-Medical Devices Companies, we have prepared you an unmissable challenge which will put your creativity and skills to the test.

The challenge will be divided into two parts, each one concerning one of the first two days of the event. The competition will consist in the idealization of an innovative solution to a given healthcare problem, which will need to be presented in a final online pitch.

The best idea will be awarded a financial prize.

Which will be the rules?

Admissions in the competition

  • Every Tec2Med’s participant and only Tec2Med’s participants can apply to the Challenge;
  • Although anyone can apply the places are limited. With this in mind and after the closure of the registrations, on the 5th of April, the organizing committee of the event will sort the selected participants;
  • By applying to the Challenge, you will be granting us permission to share your email contact with other participants, according to the rules stated next; 

How to compete

  • In the future, you will need to be able to take any challenge and work with anyone, in very multidisciplinary environments. With that in mind, after the random selection of the participants to the challenge, our committee will form the teams which will compete. Multidisciplinarity and diversity will be taken into serious consideration;
  • By applying, you will be granting us permission to share your contact with your other team colleagues, before the event. The teams will need to attend the two online sessions of the Challenge, dynamized by Johnson&Johnson-Medical Devices Companies;


  • You will be able to apply as soon as registrations for the event open, on the 27th of March of 2021. In the registration form of the event, you will be able to select your application to the challenge;
  • Between the 5-6th of April, the teams will be announced. If you are selected, you will be contacted via email;
  • 9th – Opening day of Tec2Med 2021’s edition and first Challenge Session;
  • 10th – Second day of the event and Final Challenge Session in which you and your team will need to present the pitch;
  • 11th – Announcement of the winning team during the final ceremony;