FRESH 3D Bioprinting: Closing the Gap Between Structure and Function in Biofabrication

Andrew Lee is currently the Head of Bioprinting and Co-Founder at FluidForm. He received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University in the Regenerative Biomaterials Group led by Dr. Adam Feinberg. His Ph.D. thesis work was focused on muscle tissue engineering, leveraging bioprinting to fabricate skeletal and cardiac tissue models with complex tissues architecture as well as physiologically relevant contractile functions. Part of his thesis work on 3D bioprinting cardiac tissues and components of the human heart was published in the journal Science. More broadly, Andrew is interested in the intersection between biomaterials, cellular biomechanics, computational design, and tissue development for the creation of functional cellular and tissue systems with composition and architectures that resemble those of native tissues.