We Shall Stand Together
Since The Beginning

Who are we?

Tec2Med is a biotechnological congress, which aims to bring together students and professionals of many different medical fields, biomedical engineering and other health and life science’s areas.

We believe that together, with new advanced and creative technologies, we will be able to create healthcare systems which are more efficient, economic and above all, that can ultimatly save more lives.

Why were we founded?

“Tec2Med was founded in 2019, by the Núcleo de Biomédica da Nova (NBN), an academic students group of Nova School of Science and Technology | FCT-NOVA. The congress was born from the founding principles of our academia and from the very own values that move all the biomedical engineering students.

We wanted to create a platform where students of biomedical engineering and students of many different health fields could learn, grow and dream together. We believe that if the future will be made together we shall stand together right now, since the very beginning of our academic careers.”


"Health innovation adds value in the form of improved efficiency, effectiveness, quality, safety and/or affordability. Health innovation can be in preventive, promotive, therapeutic, rehabilitative and/or assistive care"

World Health Organization


"A multidisciplinary approach involves drawing appropriately from multiple disciplines to explore problems outside of normal boundaries and reach solutions. based on a new understanding of complex situations."



"The empathetic professional comprehends the needs of the health care users, as the latter feel safe to express the thoughts and problems that concern them."

Study Publishid in Healthcare in 2020

Scientific Excellence

“'Scientific excellence' in all aspects of the scientific endeavor, includes scientific research, the excellence in connecting science to society, in teaching and mentoring scientists, in science management, and in science advice to policy makers"

Global Young Academy

Technology and
Innovation in Medicine

The last century set an irreversible new path for humanity. Science and Technology advanced faster and greater than ever in last decades, surpassing many expectations and defying reality. Healthcare was one of those areas which immensely benefited of  scientific and technological advacements. And in healthcare, science and technology probably met one of their most beautiful roles. Their role as guardians of life and boosters of its quality.

In Tec2Med we are seriously conscious of our common potential as human beings to change the world. Not just in the broader sense of the word, but also in every single one of its own expressions inside reality. Every new discovery, every new advancement, every time we work together and meet each other, can send a ripple of hope into the future which can ultimatly change someone’s world. Which can really save someone’s life. And sometimes, innovation is just about empathy, just about believing and caring together.