Technology and Innovation in Medicine

In 2021 we launch into the future of medical techonology

What can you expect?

Inspirational Speakers and Guests

You’ll meet increadible, inspirational people who, by excelling in their own fields of work and study, made the difference in the lives of patients. Our national and internacional speakers will certainly change your perspective about the future of healthcare

Many Surprises and Awards

As much as we love to inspire our participants and collaborators, we are also thrilled to surprise them with many opportunities and gifts. In Tec2Med you win as you learn! Stay stunned and don’t miss what we have been preparing you. 


Learning is easier when we put our “hands on” and work together. Even when we work at distance, having pratical approaches to our knolewdge is still possible with some creativity and perseverence. Discover all the areas where you’ll be able to participate in a workshop. Mark your place!

Case Study Competition

Technological innovation is about understanding problems and showing critical analysis and empathy to find solutions which ultimatly can help to save lives. In Tec2Med you be able to put your “engines” working as you’ll be trying to solve a problem in healthcare.