Mestre Farah Alimagham

Sabias que?

Em 2018, Farah ganhou o prémio:

CHAMP and WAFT Collaboration Fund Award 

Work on chemical sensorsbased on phase-change Infra-red metamaterial devices

Na sua Tese de Mestrado abordou o tema:

“Assement of a Microfluidic Intravenous Oxygen Generation Platform to Aid Acute Respiratory Failure”

Desde 2016, Farah é investigadora na Universidade de Cambridge:

Postgraduate Integration of optical spectroscopy techniques for the development of chemical and biochemical sensor systems for biomedical applications

Drª. Mónica Cameirão

Sabias que?

Em 2016, a Drª. Mónica ganhou o prémio:

ISVR Early Career Investigator Award

Granted by the International Society for Virtual Rehabilitation, to recognize and acknowledge outstanding contributions by early career scientists